Product description

The electromagnetic separators suspended on conveyor belts,are the most effective equipment for removal of ferrous contamination from other nonferrous materials.

Consist of an electromagnet which creates powerful magnetic fields that are generated by electrical coils which provide the required attractive force to separate the iron pieces.

The self-cleaning of the equipment is performed by a resistant rubber belt and provided with transverse projections.

This facilitates the transport of material and separation of the captured contamination throwing it to one side of the conveyor. The belt is mounted on a metal frame with pulleys that rotate with its bearings and is driven by an electric motor with a speed reducer; belt tensioning is done through a deflection drum.

Its main mission is the protection of crushing and grinding equipment against damage and wear caused by the presence of iron pieces.

The electromagnetic overbands separate ferrous particles from other materials in the recycling processes. Lower production costs by avoiding repairs to the crushing equipment. At the same time this magnetic system increases productivity by avoiding downtime repair periods and raises the value of the materials by increasing their purity.

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