IDEMAG is a magnetic system manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of magnets.

In us you will find the quality and reliability that your business needs. To be able to occupy a position in the current market we have settled a number of premises: range of products, availability, personalized attention, quality and price.

We have been for more than twenty years in the magnets and magnetic applications field

and are proud to have among our customers leading domestic manufacturers, which after extensive testing have approved us as their supplier.

Our office and production facility are located very close to Barcelona. In choosing our location we have taken into account the flexibility when distributing our products by land, air and sea.We invite you as a potential consumer of magnets and magnetic applications to contact us with the full conviction that our staff will attend you satisfactorily.
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Thanks to a constant will for change, improvement and internationalization we can meet the needs of our clients anywhere in the world. For this we have a professional team together with the latest technologies to be able to design and manufacture any magnetic systems.

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